The art of submission…

A long time ago, I discovered in my depth a tabooed but strong wish to be aware of male dominance in its full power. To be led consequently by an experienced gentleman who can use my small slim body according to his wishes and make of me his slave. A desire for pain and a feeling of absolute helplessness arrange for an inferno of an uncompromising ecstasy. Tender. Tough. Consequent.

Show me this way, and I will fulfill everything that you demand from me. I am living in Frankfurt, but I am also ready to follow my master to another place…


I am beautiful, well-groomed, and slim. My brand marks are my small hands and feet, long hair, and smooth white skin. Above that, my body smells in a sweet, pleasant natural way. I am very proud of my long outer lips and large nipples, which are very sensitive and invite you to play with them.

In everyday life, my fashion style is feminine and classical, during hot plays perverse and wicked. By nature, I have a predisposition to being submissive, but I can also switch!

© 2019 Lea Schoene

Lea Schoene

Independent Fetish Escort

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